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Friday, October 5, 2007

Shanked With A Knitting Needle

So my dogs are naughty..alway naughty. Ariella and Binky always seem to find trouble when I'm in the toilet. So a few weeks ago I'm in the loo peering at my puffy eyes, trying to wake up when the sound of 8 legs pounding down the hallway and a baby puppy cry immediatly gets my attention. I see Ariella sitting awfully pretty but her front paw is up in a shake position. I bend down to look at her paw and see one of my metal knitting needles sticking out of her chest. Good Lord! Crap! My poor little pitbull shanked by the evil Binky, prison yard stabbing. So rush to the emergency vet, many x-rays later, lots of money changing hands, and Ariella is fine. The "accident" hasnt soured her love for my knitted doggy blankets. What a story she can tell her friends at doggy daycare, but I think Binky still brags about the time he attempted to kill his sister.

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