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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back to the boobs

Ok for those of you new to the joys of mastectomy and breast reconstruction, it is a multi-step process to create a new set of knockers. The first step is mastectomy, I assume no explanation is necessary...at the time of mastectomy they insert tissue expanders which are basically deflated implants. Slowly over the next few months they fill the expanders until you feel like you are going to bust open, somewhat like the movie Alien.They resemble coconut shells at the end, hard and round, very unattractive(well honestly there is nothing attractive about this at all) Ok so you are fully expanded finally and then you wait 2 months for everything to settle down. The sencond surgery entails being opened up again revision of the scar around the implant , put a new implant in, in my case silicone, and revision of the outside scar. Now usually the nipple is created in another surgery 2 months later and 2 months after that they tatoo an areolla. phew! Now my plastic surgeon has decided to do nipps at the same time of my exchange surgery, which is pretty unheard of because the implants shifts etc for the next 3 months. But honestly if I can get this whole thing finished 2 months sooner than anticipated yipee. So next monday the 22nd I will have surgery #2. Fingers crossed that I will be happy about the result, The only good thing I can say about medical insurance at this point is there is a law in this country that insurance has to pay for breast reconstruction and until I have a satisfactory result it has to be covered. So here's to silicone and nipps praise be!

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