"When fear invites you in, just politely decline and say you are just way too busy loving life."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Frankensteins' Bride

Okay-so I survived the surgery woop-woop but man am I a mess. Not so sexy...Tubes are going into my sides where they drain out the fluid, really its not such a great look. I AM CARING AROUND BAGS OF MY OWN FLUID!! All right besides that whole mess I am great- I havent had the meltdown that everyone was ready for.. I saw myself said okay I can live with that now give me more vicodin ; ) They started my reconstruction during the mastectomy so I am not concave, I certaintly have no boobage at this point but I do have cleavage which is pretty odd. All in all things are good, major bruising I might have some healing issues do to the bruising( the skin at my insision site might die, hopefully not, fingers crossed) but besides that I am well. I am on the other side now, no I dont mean dead stupid! I mean the worst is over... thanks for everyone's support and well wishes. Now I can go back to being the cranky bitch I always was- yipee!!!!


theknitist said...

So glad to see you posting again! Hang in there sweetie! And before Hannah gets to say it: "Remember The Secret!" *giggle*

hannahbeekuhns said...

*giggling* love jeni! :)
pammie - dan and i are so fucking happy you are gonna be a cranky bitch again. *high five*
walking into the hospital room at stanford and hearing my pammie snore like an old ass man = holy shit balls - PRICELESS!