"When fear invites you in, just politely decline and say you are just way too busy loving life."

Friday, May 4, 2007


My mastectomy is coming and I am calm. Am I mentally prepared or just tired of preparing? I am not panicked, I sleep well, and I have not bitten my fingernails. I look at pictures of reconstruction and I am hopeful for great results. Why am I not freaking out? Weird.


hannahbee said...

you are so strong. :) i have all wonderful thoughts coming your way.

no-blog-rachel said...

When I discovered I had cancer, all I wanted to do was get started on the treatment so I would no longer have this 'thing' growing in my body. Waiting to start treatment (while they tested to determine dosage, stage, etc.) drove me nuts and was really difficult. And once I started treatment it was hard physically at times, but emotionally it was much easier. I felt as if I was finally DOING something about it.

I hope you come through it as well as I did and I'm sending all my positive thoughts your way!